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Nadia M. Mom of 1, Age 1
Nadia M
Nadia M.
Mom of 1, age 1

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The magic behind Auggie is our dedicated WhatsApp community of parents sharing wisdom and recommendations in real time! Most questions are answered in 30 seconds or less.

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Nadia M
Nadia M.
Mom of 1, Age 1
"It feels like we're all in motherhood together"
Dani B
Dani B.
Mom of 2, Ages 2/3
"I have gained an unmatched sense of support knowing I can poll moms from all over the country!"
Ida H
Ida H.
Mom of 1, 2 Months
"It's so good to feel that we aren't alone and to know I have a community of like minded parents to turn to."
Chalissa A
Chalissa A.
Mom of 2, Ages 2/3
"I love the sense of belonging from Auggie. It's incredible to have a brain trust of women to help you navigate."

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